Thiruneermalai Sri Ranganatha Temple- Rathasapthami Utsavam

On, 24th January 2018; Rathasapthami was celebrated grandly at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Thiruneermalai. On this occasion in the morning Perumal Purappadu took place inside the temple took place in Seven different Vahanams (Vehicles), they are Surya prabhai, Garuda vahanam, Hanumanth vahanam, Sesha vahanam, Kuthirai Vahanam, Simha Vahanam, ,Chandra pirabhai. Lot of Astikas took part in the Perumal Purappadu and had the blessings of Perumal.

The following are some of the photos taken during the occasion..

Surya Pirabhai

Hanumanth Vahanam

Sesha Vahanam

Garuda Vahanam

Kuthirai Vahanam

Simha Vahanam

Chandra Pirabhai

Courtesy :Mukundan Krishnamachary

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