Thengai Barfi

Coconuts Grated:              3 cups
Sugar:                 200 grams
Cardamom (Elaichi – Ealakkai):     5 pieces made into powder
Ghee:                 50 ml
Milk:                     1 cup

Preparation Method:

In a non stick pan put the ghee and heat it. Add the scrapped coconut and stir it . Add sugar and a cup of milk. (Keep the stove to sim to get minimum heating and to avoid frying stuff become black).

Cook it till the mixture gets till it become brown. Now add the Cardamom powder. (If desired, you can add colouring agents too).

Once it becomes semi solid transfer into a plate. (Apply ghee in the plate before transferring).

Once cooled, cut into square or rectangular pieces. Now the south Indian Thengai Parfi is ready to be served.


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