Sri Balaji Mandir, Dombivli – Kaisika Dwadasi and other uthsavams


December 7, 2011, Wednesday, Kaisika Dwadasi is celebrated in Sri Balaji Mandir in Dombivli

Kaisika Puranam Upanyasam was graced by Sri Sridhar V. Thathacharya. Some photos taken on the occassion were added at the following link with the Thayar Brahmothsavams and also three videos are uploaded at http://2011pavithro thsavam.shutterf

December 09, 2011,  Friday, Karthikai – Karthikai,  Avathara Dinothsavam of Sri Thirumangai Mannan

In the morning at 8.00 am, Sri Kaliyan Mangalasasanam took place which was followed by Visesha Thirumanjanam to Kaliyan along with Sri Balaji at 9.00 am. In the evening at 5.00 pm, Sevakalam and Peria Satrumurai took place.

December 10, 2011, Saturday

In the afternoon at 2.00 pm, Thirupanazhvar Thirunakshathriram Sevakalam took place followed By Sri Pancharathra Deepam. Illumination of lights around the temple, procession of Sri Balaji Perumal for Chookapanni took place and the temple was closed at 4.00 pm due to chandra grahanam (lunar eclipse)

Srirangam Srimath Andavan Periashramam
Sri Balaji Mandir,Gograswadi,
Dombivli East – 421201 Dist.Thane

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