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Located 6kms from Lower Ahobilam en-route to Ahobila Narasimha Divya Desam (Singavelkundram) is the Karanja Narasimha temple in Upper Ahobilam, west of the Garudathri Mountain and part of the Nava Narasimha temples in Ahobilam.

Lord provided darshan to Anjaneya in a special form with bow in hand, chakra and as Narasimha

The Story

Wanting darshan of his favourite Lord, Anjaneya undertook penance under the Karanja tree at this place.

To test the sincerity of Anjaneya, Lord Narayana appeared before him in his Half-Lion –Half Man Narasimha form. Anjaneya was disappointed not to be blessed by Lord Rama himself.

When Narasimha tried to convince Anjaneya that he was the same as Rama and was only in a different form, Anjaneya dismissed this suggestion saying his Lord was handsome and was one with the bow in hand. And that what he was seeing in front of him was one with very long nails in a fiery posture.

Anjaneya threatened to continue his penance till he had darshan of Rama. Pleased with his devotion for Rama, Narasimha provided Anjaneya darshan in a special form with a bow in his left hand ( like Rama), with Adisesha on top and holding the chakra ( like Narayana) and the half lion-half man Narasimha Avatar, thus convincing Anjaneya that Narayana, Rama and Narasimha were one and the same.

Hence, at this temple one finds Karanja Narasimha with a bow in hand and with a chakra. Anjaneya is seen in a standing posture with folded hands with his face turned towards Karanja Narasimha.

600 Year Old Mandapam

There is a 600 year old 100 pillar mandapam where from the First Jeer of Ahobila Mutt is believed to have delivered lectures.

Priest : Ramesh Bhattar @94418 02368 or Veeraraghava Archagar @ 96032 27118
Temple Time : 9am-4pm

How to reach there ?

From Lower Ahobilam, one can take a share auto to reach this temple
Individual Auto from Lower Ahobilam is available



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