ThiruppAvai – Vedam anaithukkum vithu – 18


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ThiruppAvai – Vedam anaithukkum vithu – 18 (Concluding Part)
(திருப்பாவை – வேதம் அனைத்துக்கும் வித்து

எமக்காகவன்றோ இங்கே ஆண்டாள் அவதரித்தாள் – குன்றாத
வாழ்வான வைகுந்த வான்போகந்தன்னை இழந்து
ஆழ்வார் திருமகளாராய்

ManavAla mAmuni celebrates AndAl’s concern for the fallen souls in his UpadEsa RatnamAlai in three verses. He glorifies Her descent to earth forsaking all the pleasures of Paramapadam as the daughter of PeriazwAr. In the next verse of UpadEsa RatnamAlai, he passionately alludes that there is no principle or entity that matches the glory of AndAl ஒரு நாளைக்கு உண்டோ
The 24th verse of UpadEsa RatnamAlai elaborates on the unmatched glory of AndAl

anjuk kudikku oru santhathiyAi , AzhwArkal
tanjeyalai vinji niRkum tanmayaLAi , pinjAi
pazhutthALaip patthiyudam naaLum
VazhutthAi manamE mahizhnthu

This exquisite verse is often quoted by our achAryAs and must be used in our daily prayers. Let us see its significance and its profound meaning.

(1) anju kudikku oru santhathiyAi – The inner meaning is that She has come in the vamsam of bhAgavathAs who are always afraid (அஞ்சு) of any danger coming to our Lord
(2) AzhwArkaL tamseyalai vinji nirkum tanmayaLAi: The other AzwAr’s act of Kaamam for the Lord was not as authentic as that of ANDAL . She is the Lord’s consort and Her enjoyment of the Lord as His Devi cannot ever be equal to the others.
(3) pinjAi pzhutthALAi : In her fifth year itself she blessed us with ThiruppAvai , where as the AzhwArs took a long ,long time

Today’s ThiruppAvai verse is the most profound verse. In ” ChiRRamchiRukAlE vandhunnai Sevitthu “, AndAL speaks about Her request to the Lord to listen to the meaning of Her nOnbu by taking refuge at His lotus feet (PoRRaamaRai adhiyE poRRum poruLkELaai ) . SwAmi Desikan chooses the exact 29th verse in GodhA Stuti to convey the same meaning that His lotus feet are the means to attain Him “charana kamala sEvAm sAsvathIm abhuaishyan”

Let us finish this post with our fervent prayer to AndAl. Even this prayer is made easy by our pUrvAchAryArs who have blessed us with what we must seek from Her. Swami Desikan in Desika Prabandam helps us.

“ Veyar pugazh Villiputtur Aadip Pooram
Menmelum miga vilanga Vittuchittan
Thooya Thirumagalaai vandu arangarkku
Thuzhaai maalai mudi Soodik kodutha maadhe!
Neyamudan Tiruppavai Paattu Aaraindum
Nee uraitha thai oru thingat paamaalai
Aaya pugazh Nootrunaarpattu moonrum
Anbudane adiyenukku arul sei neeye

Meaning: ”Oh! Goddess Gode!, the one who has offered to Lord Ranganatha of
Srivilliputtur the garland of Tulasi (holy basil) after wearing it (the
garland) – the benign foster daughter of Sri Vishnuchitta at Srivilliputtur May you lovingly and affectionately shower your graceful blessings on me, your humble servant so that I will understand the quintessence of your two great compositions –
Tiruppaavai consisting of six pentads (30 verses)and Naachiyaar Tirumozhi,
the garland of songs beginning with “thai oru thingal” consisting of 143

After requesting AndAl to help us remember Her works, Swami Desikar makes a further prayer. The following is the dhyAna slOkam of gOdA stuti. After glorifying Her compassion (dayA), swAmi Desikan requests ‘May Godha Piratti of these celebrated auspiciousness reside in our hearts always”

sathamakamaNineelA charukalhArahasthA
sthanabharanamithAngi saandhravaatsalya sindhu
aLkavinihithAbhi: sragbhirAkrushta naathA
vilasathu hrudhi GodhA VishnuchittAthmajA na

With this prayer, we will conclude this series of Vedam anaithukkum Vithu.

All the errors in the series of posts are mine and due to my poor understanding. If there were any that inspired you, they were all AchAryan’s words. I would like to offer my prostrations and deepest gratitude to PerukkAraNai swami and V. Sadagopan whose commentary and writing that my series of posts were based on. I also would like thank profusely all the bhAgavathAs who have encouraged me throughout this period.

Wish you all a very happy SankarAnti.

Azagiya Singer Thiruvadigale Saranam
AndAl Thiruvadigale Saranam

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  1. Millions of salutations to Sri Andal, for the advise of Prapatti Rahasya Long live the name and fame of Goda Long live Sri Ramanuja Sidhanta (Tatva-Hita – Purushartha).


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