Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 15


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The fifteenth slOkam salutes the effulgent white lustre of Sri HayagrIvan and states that even half a second dhyAnam on this form yields the greatest of Vaak siddhis:


Oh Lord HayagrIvA! Those fortunate ones, who contemplate on Thee for even half-amoment, receive the benefit of being drenched by the spotlessly white rays emanating from You. That cause has the effect of the creation of the torrent of Veda Vaak in them, whose speed and flow exceeds that of AakAsa Gangai (MandhAkini) leaving the HimAlayan heights.

Oh Lord HayagrIva! Your upAsakAs do not need to meditate on You for more than ardha-KshaNam. KshaNam is a time measure of 4/5th of a second. Hence ardha-KshaNam is 2/5th of a second. That is all it takes to receive the immense and incomparable benefits of uninterrupted Saarsavatha-PrayOgam for Your upAsakAs.

During that half-a-second, the upAsakAs are drenched in the rays of nectar emanating from Your manthra-maya sarIram. The power of that drenching, gifts them with the speed and clarity of divine speech that far exceeds the velocity and force of AakAsa Gangai descending on the plains. Indeed the speed of AakAsa Gangai pales into insignificance compared to the speed of speech of those blessed by Lord HayagrIvan in their debates with contestants. Their Vaak is uninterrupted (AnivArithai: VaachAm pravAham).

The cause behind that blessing is the drenching of the UpAsakAs by the crystal clear white rays emanating from the Lord (visadhai: mayUkai: aaplaavayantham). MayUkhai: means rays or KiraNams. “Visadhai:” in this fifteenth slOkam has echoes with “Visuddha” in the fifth slOkam where, “the Visuddha Vij~yAna ghana svarUpam” of Lord HayagrIvan is linked with the powers of blessing one with VisEsha Jn~Anam (vij~yAna- visrANana Bhaddha Dheeksham). That visesha Jn~Anam is conferred on those, who meditate on Lord HayagrIvan even for less than half a second according to Swamy Desikan. Such a blessed one is inundated with and submerged (aaplavanam) in the spotless and sanctifying white beams originating from the Lord; he becomes the possessor of Veda Vaak to defeat all contestants in the defense of the kula dhanam, the parama -Vaidhika Matham.

The One who is prayed to is Lord HayagrIvan. The beneficiary of that prayer is the UpAsakan, who meditates on the Lord even for half a second. The prayer of the UpAsakan is captured well in the Rg Veda manthram: “aathvA juvOrArhaNA” (I.134.1) :

“Oh Lord! May Your SWIFT AND FAST DIVINE WAVES, bring You hither, so that You may be the first to accept the sentiments of our devotion. May our discriminating and sincere praises rise high to Your standards. May Thou come with Your aura of vitality for the devotional prayers presented to You; Come, O Vital Lord to grant us the objects of our worship”.

The next Rk (I.134.2) starting with “mandhanthu thvA mandhinO –” reminding one of the celestial Ganges, MandhAkini continues with the prayer of the UpAsakan:

“Oh Lord! May our devotional loving sentiments of prayer, which are well-rendered, opportune and flowing out of our hearts in due season, be pleasing to You. May Your divine WAVES bring You here, in this sacrificial hall, to accept our offerings (sadhrIchInA niyuthO dhAvEna dhiya upa bruvatha eem dhiya:). All pious and active worshippers praise You in this congregation with a view to obtaining Your blessings.”

(PraNavam) Vaathsalyaika VibhUshaNAyA nama:
(PraNavam) SaanthAthmanE nama:
(PraNavam) Kali Kaalushya NaasanAya nama:
(PraNavam) Parama VaikuNtasthAya Nama:
(PraNavam) Vaadhi JihvA BhadrAsana -AasthithAya nama:
(PraNavam) TarkAya Nama:
(PraNavam) SanAtana DharmAya nama:


To be continued…

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