Adaikkalappathu – 1

“Atthigiri Arulaalar”


I surrender my soul at the sacred feet of PeraruLaaLan, who resides at the most important of the seven cities that bless their residents with Moksham. I have come to the realization that I am powerless to attain moksham through the difficult-to-practice Bhakthi yOgam as upaayam. I have hence chosen Prapatthi at the lotus feet of Varadhan as the saving grace for me and am performing saraNaagathi. This act of mine (performance of SaraNaagathi at the Lord’s feet as the helpless one with no other recourse) is like the deed of the evil-minded Kaakaasuran, who committed grave apachaarams to the Lord’s consort and was yet saved by the Lord, when he fell at the feet of the Lord as a saraNaagathan without any other recourse.


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