Sri Stuthi – 11


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Thiru AadhanUr ThAyAr

This slOkam is recited to gain EmperumAn’s anugraham:

Meaning according to Dr. M. NarasimhAchAry:

Your slender form bright like molten gold shines to advantage in association with Lord Hari, the Emerald. Your manifestations appear and disappear according to Your will, like waves of Your primordial form, which is like an ocean of Bliss.

Meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Villivalam NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy:

Your sacred body has a slender waist and full breasts that make You slightly bent. Your body hue is like freshly molten gold and that compliments the emerald green lustre of Your Lord. That Supreme vigraham of Yours is the source for the appearance and disappearance of all Your incarnations driven by Your desire (icchA siddha avathArams); that phenomenon reminds adiyEn of the beauty of the waves of the Ocean that form and disappear in an orderly manner from the ocean of bliss, Your primordial form.

Expanded meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Sri V.N. SrIrAma DesikAchAr:

Oh MahA DEvi! The divine body that Your Lord has is known as Para Roopam. That sacred body is known as the source of all of His avathAra ThirumEnis as Raama and KrishNa. That Para Roopam is thus the primordial source for His other incarnations. In a similar vein, You have also a unique Para roopam. That roopam has the radiance of the molten gold. Your waist in that roopam is like a slender creeper. Your whole body is slightly bent in that Para roopam from the weight of your heavy breasts. Since Your avathAra thirumEnis (sacred forms) arise from this para Roopam, latter is the primordial source for forms taken during Your different incarnations to accompany Your Lord at the time of His various avathArams. Because of Your presence with the golden hue on the chest of Your Lord having the hue of the dark green Emerald gem, His sacred body (ThirumEni) attains a special kind of beauty. Your ThirumEni is of the form of Bliss. One can indeed visualize it as an ocean of Bliss. From the speed of Your sankalpam, from time to time, Your divine avathAra forms arise from that ocean of Bliss. Those avathAra ThirumEnis complete the tasks of the individual avathArams and disappear into the Para Roopam again. When one reflects on this phenomenon, one is reminded of a powerful wind that causes the appearance and disappearance of many waves from the ocean. Your Para roopam is that oceean (of Bliss). Your sankalpam is that powerful wind. Your avathAra ThirumEnis are indeed the waves that form and disappear.

Additional Observations on the passages of slOkam 10 of SrI Sthuthi:

1) First Two Lines: “dhatthE SObhA Hari MaragathE Thavakee Moorthy: AadhyA”, tanvee tunga-stana-bhara nathA taptha jAmBhunadhAbhA: Your (ThAvakee) primordial (AadhyA) Moorthy: (ThirumEni /Sacred body) has the lustre (SObhA) of molten gold (taptha JaamBhunatha). Your waist is slender like a creeper (tanvee); it is slightly bent (nathA) due to the weight of Your breasts (tunga sthana bhara). 1.1: “Thavakee Moorthy: Hari-maragathE nithyAm sObhAm dhatthE:” Your (ThAvakee) ThirumEni (Moorthy:) with its lustre of molten gold (taptha JaamBhUnatha AabhA) adds /gives (dhatthE) always (nithyam) beauty (sObhAm) to the emerald like ThirumEni of Your Lord (Hari-marakathE nithyam sObhAm dhatthE).

2.Third & Fourth Lines:

“YasyAm gacchanthy udhaya-vilayai: nithyam Aanandha sindhou, icchA vEga
ullasitha laharee vibhramam vyakthayas-thE”

Aanandha Sindhou (in that ocean of bliss of Your Para Roopam), yasyAm tE vyakthaya: (Your avathAra ThirumEnis) make their appearances (udhayai:) and disappearances (vilayai:). tE vyakthaya: (those avathAra ThirumEnis of Yours) icchA vEga (propelled by the speed of Your sankalpam) attain (gacchanthy) the status of the rising waves (ullasitha laharee vibhramam gacchanthy). Vibhramam means the leelai (sport). Ullasitha means arising. The speed of sankalpam (icchA vEgam) causes the sport (vibhramam) of rapidly rising waves (ullasitha laharee vibhramam gacchanthy).

To be continued…


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