Srimad Azaghiyasingars at Annamacharya Vardhandhi Utsavam, Tirumala


Annamacharya Vardhandhi Utsavam was held at Tirumala a few hours  ago today (March 19, 2012) and attended by Srimad Azaghiyasingars, Sri Ahobila Mutt.

Every year the utsavam is held in the presence of Srimad Azaghiyasingars as Sri Annamacharya is a shishya of Sri Ahobila Muttt.

Srimad Azaghiyasingars gave a Anugraha Bashanam and were honoured with Thiruvenkatamudayan Prasadam on this occasion. Sri Annamya Kritis CD, Booklet in Tamil on Annamya kritis, etc were released by Governor Andhra Pradesh and first copies were presented to Srimad Azaghiyasingars.

The following are some photographs and related videos…

Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan Swami

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