Udaya Garuda Sevai at Srivaishnava Thirukkoils on Akshaya Tritiya (April 24, 2012)


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Akshaya Tritiya in the Nandana Year falls on April 24, 2012. On this day Udaya Garuda Sevai is organised at Srivaishnava Thirukkoils, Mada Veedhi Purappadu in the morning at around 6 am.

The following is a small write-up on Akshaya Tritiya…

Baisakh or Vaisakha Shukla Tritiya (Third day in the bright fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month Baisakh/Vaisaka is called Akshay or Akshaya Tritiya. It is believed that Treta Yuga (An era in which Lord Shri Ram incarnated) commenced on this day.

Jap (repetition of vedic phrase or hymn), Tap (austerities), and Donation (charity), done on this day give multiplied results. It is considered more auspicious, if this day falls on a Monday with Rohini Nakshatra – fourth planet.  Nar-Narayan also incarnated on this day. Lord Parasurama (One of Vishnu’s Dasavaratara) also incarnated on this day.It is also believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Hayagreeva on this day only. (Hayagreeva is Vishnu’s form, worshipped for success in education).The Badrinarayana temple opens for public on this day. In Bankebihari temple situated in Uttar Pradesh, India, feet of the  Krishna’s archa vigraha are visible on this day. Otherwise all the times the feet are hidden under the clothes.  Akshaya Tritiya day is considered  to start anything auspicious. Taking dip in holy ganges on this day is of great importance.Lord Vishnu is invoked on this day by chanting Purusha Sukta mantras, offering Tulasi garlands, giving bath  with Panchamritas (Milk, Sugar, Yogurt, Honey and Clarified Butter). Aarti is performed in the end.Legend behind Observing Akshaya Tritiya:Once Yudishtira asked Shri Krishna about the importance of this day, Lord Krishna described it an auspicious and utmost pious. It is called “Yugaadi Tritiya” also because Tretya Yugam commenced on this day only.  Akshaya means  “Indestructible” and “Everlasting”.

Lord Krishna narrated a story further. Once there was a poor, knowledgeful, religious godly brahmin, who came to know about the importance of this day through some great saint. In spite of the poverty, lack of co-operation from his spouse and having responsibilities of a big family, he performed the religious rites on this day every year. With the result in his re-birth, he became the King of Kushavati. He was praised and honored by all.  Devotee, who observes fast on Akshay Tritiya, is blessed with fulfillment of all the desires.

Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan Swami

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