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Swami Sri Desikan has blessed us with many granthams on the doctrines of nyAsam or Prapatthi. One of the most substantive and short sthuthi on the subject of nyAsam consists of ten verses and is known as nyAsa dasakam. Because of the importance of this work as the distilled essence of the principles of nyAsam and the method of performance of nyAsam, Sri VaishNavAs recite nyAsa dasakam at their homes during their daily ThiruvArAdhanam for Sriman NaarAyaNan.

This post contains Stotra Paatam/Learning method (Sandhai) for Nyasadasakam. Stotra Paatam has to be done in person with an aacharyan and this audio to be used as a guideline for practicing the stotras.

This  series of Stotra Paatam is rendered by Dr.U.Ve. Satakopa Tattacharya Swami of Thoopul. If you would wish to acknowledge this by contributions and support, please contact Sri Vilakoli Perumal Thoopul Vedantha Desikar Charitable Trust, for more details read here: http://anudinam.org/2012/02/27/thoopul-divyadesa-kainkaryam/

Recitation without Paatam

Stotra Paatam File for Learners (Click play below to get started)


Pdf version of the stotras: http://prapatti.com/slokas/tamil/desika-stotramaala/nyaasadashakam.pdf



Commenatry : http://www.ahobilavalli.org/nyasa_dasakam.pdf

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