Chandra Prabhai at Kanchi Varadarajar Kovil

Yesterday evening, 3rd of June 2012, Devaperumal accompanied by his Ubhaya naachimaar  blessed the devotees when he came out in chandra prabhai.

Lord was riding with Ubhaya naachimaar, adoring muthu thoppu haram while naachimaar are adoring muthu kondai and all of them riding on Chandran. With so much of coolness converging in a same place definitely temperatures should drop.

Here Ubhaya naachimar have a very special significance. The utsava moorty of Perumal is flanked by Sridevi (on right side) and Bhudevi (on left side). In all the temples the naachimaar would be standing with the exception of Srirangam, where they are seated. In general Sridevi would be seen holding lotus in her left hand and Bhudevi would have the lotus in her right hand and with reference to Perumal both of them would be symmetrical.  Here both Sridevei and Bhudevi have the lotus in their right hand and the left hand hangs loosely. As per natya shastra, naachimaar’s right hand is in kataka hasta pose and the left hand is in Gajakarna pose. Ubhaya naachimaar’s of Ashtabhuja perumal (Kanchipuram) and Thirunarayanapuram have the same pose. Periyalwar thirumozhi was recited during the purappadu.







Text writeup thanks to: Shri Kausik Sarathy

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