Sri Alavandhar Nandana Thirunakshatra Utsavam at Kattumannarkovil


Sri ALavandhAr was the grandson of Sri Nathamunigal, who recovered for posterity the Naalaaiyra Dhivya Prabhandham as a result of NammaazhwArs anugraham.

ALavandhAr is also known as Yaamunaa Muni or Yaamunaaccharya. YAmunA is the grand -preceptor (PrAchAryA) of RaamAnujA. YAmunA established the principles of VisishtAdhvaitam as an expansion of the doctrines housed in his grandfather’s treatises: NyAya TattvA and Yoga RahasyA. He elaborated on those doctrines with authoritative scriptures such as Sruthis, Bhagavadh Gita, AzhwAr’s paasurams and selected SaatvikaPurAnAs.

Sri Alavandhar Avathara utsavam at Kattumannarkoil for the year Nandana falls between July 22 and August 1 2012. Below is the utsava patrikai.

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