Muthangi Sevai at Mumbai Sri Balaji Mandir


Sri Ahobila Mutt temple, Sri Balaji Mandir, completed a grand project of adorning all deities with Muthangi Sevai. Devotees had darshan on December 24 th 2012, the Vaikuntha Ekadasi day.

The sannidhis and Perumal adorning Muthangi are;
1.Moolavar Sri Srinivasar / Sri Balaji
2. Utsavar Sri Srinivasar & His concerts
3. Thayar Molavar ,Thayar Utsavar Sri Padmavathi
4. Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhar Moolavar & Utsavar

The temple management has announced that ‘all deities will be adorned with Muthangi’, till the end of Adyana Utsavam (i.e. for next 10 days). All are requested to visit the temple to have darshan of Sri Balaji and other Perumals in Muthagi sevai.

The following are the related photos provided by Sri Saranathachariar swamin (email id:…

Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan

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