Poorvacharya Grantham Discourse CD’s


Sri Ravindranath Swami of Bangalore has brought out CD’s of Poorvacharya granthams through upanyaasams by vidwans and prominent upanyaasakaas of Sri Vaishnava sat sampradhaayam. This Swami has to be praised for his tireless efforts in bringing a lot of Swami Desikan granthams and Sri Vaishnava granthams, which are hard to understand by reading, in a simple and beautifully rendered upanyasams in tamil.

Please find some of the audios published by this swami and price of the same.

1. Sri Vedanta Desikar – 3 Vols – Life History of Swami and gist of all stotrams and prabandhams – By Sri U Ve Ranganatha Mahadesikan (Sri Rangamani swami) – Rs. 270/-

2. Tattva Mukta Kalapam – 10 vols – Rendered By Sri U Ve Dr. K E Devanathan Swami – Rs. 900

3. PanchaRatra Raksha – 3 vols – Rs. 270

4. Nikshepa Raksha – 2 Vols – Rs. 180

5. Saccharithra Raksha – All the above Raksha granthams by Sri U Ve Vipaschinmani Dr. Navalpakkam Vasudevachar Swami

6. Vedanta Deepam – 10 Vols – Rendered by Sri U Ve Valayapettai Dr. Ramacharya Swami – Rs. 900

7. Nyaya Siddhanjana – 3 Vols

8. Adhikarana Saaravali – 7 Vols by Sri U Ve Vipaschinmani Dr. Navalpakkam Vasudevachar Swami

9. Subhashita Neevi – 3 Vols by Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Kannan Swami

10. Sankalpa Sooryodhayam – 6 hours – Sri U Ve Dushyanth Sridhar Swami – Rs. 300

and Many More are in publication

This can be obtained from the following address,

Sri. M.S. Ravindranath,
1746/2-2, 3rd Cross,
Rama Mohanapuram,
Bangalore – 560021.

Ph: +91 80 2332 1413

email: msravindranath@yahoo.com
alternate email: yathiraja@dataone.in

Courtesy: Sri Aasuri Lakshmi Narasimhan Swami

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  1. I certainly have some of these wonderful granthams. It is a wonderful kainkaryam that Sri Ravindranath swami is doing for the sampradaya. All these upanyasams provide a wonderful background to novice like adiyen.


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