Thiruvaali Thirunagari Sri Thirumangai azwhar Noodhana Thiruther Thiruppani vendukol


Sri Vayalali Manavalan Thirukkalyana Utsavam and Thirumangai Mannan Vedupari Utsavam took place at Thiruvali Thirunagari from 18th march to 27th march 2013. This famous Vayalaali Manavalan’s Car is now in dilapidated condition and requires rebuilding of chasis, steel axles and wheels which are to be refitted to new bases of the car. The STMEC trust team appeal to the devotees and philantropists to contribute liberally and participate towards this great venture.

Here is the invitation for this Kaingaryam done by Sri Thirumangaimannan Emberumaanar Charitable Trust (click on them for enlarged view).

Please contact Thiruvaali Thirunagari Sthalathaar Dhaamodaran or Embar K.Varadhachari: 9551246559, 9445166045 for further details

Courtesy : Embar K.Varadachari

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