Kanchi Perarulalan – Iyyangarkulham Utsavam at Nadavapi Kinaru


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Iyyangarkulham (lake) at Nadavapi Kinaru ustavam for Kanchi Sri Varadhan is famous utsavasm being conducted everyyear during Chithraparvam Festival. Sri Swamy goes inside the well and goes around 4 times every year during  Chithraparvam day.  This well made by stone with very beautifull workmanship and very challenging architecture. This Well is located at  Punjarasanthangal Village near Iyyangarkulham village.  This year it was celebrated on the 24th of April and some of the photos can be viewed below

Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_00 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_01 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_02 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_04 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_05 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_06 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_08 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_09 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_10 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_11 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_12 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_13 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_14 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_15 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_16 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_17 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_18 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_19 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_20 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_21 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_22 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_23 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_24 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_25 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_28 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_29 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_30 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_31 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_32 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_33 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_34 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_35 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_36 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_37 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_38 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_39 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_40 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_41 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_42 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_43 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_44 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_45 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_46 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_49 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_50 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_51 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_52 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_53 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_54 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_56 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_57 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_58 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_59 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_60 Iyengar Kulam_Kanchi_63

Photos: Thanks to Sri EVR

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