Sthala Puranam – Pandaripuram


Here is a writeup of Stalapuranam about Pandaripuram Temple, written by Sri U.Ve.Vidwan Egai VedantaDesika Thatacharya Swami.

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Through Road:

There are lots of transportation facilities available to reach Pandaripura sthalam.  One can reach Pandaripuram through a separate path, which is found near Meeraj – Nakaj – Sangoli near Kolapur. While traveling from Hyderabad to Pune, through NH – 9, which travel via Kolapur and Mokkol, we can reach this sthalam. Through NH 13 – while traveling from Bijapur to Kolapur, a separate road leads to this sthalam.

Through Rail:

While traveling from Chennai, one has to travel from Chennai in Mumbai Express from a junction by named Kurdhuvadi, a narrow gauge train will lead us to Pandaripuram. So, one has to get down in Kurdhuvadi and from there we can reach Pandaripuram. Even we can reach this sthalam from Mokkol railway station and from there, this sthalam is reachable at 40 Kms away.

Through Air:

There is no direct flight to Pandaripuram. But, however the nearest Airport is Pune. From Pune, Pandaripuram is about 213 Kms. Distances between Pandaripuram and various major cities / towns.

  1. Nagpur to Pandaripuram – Around 768 Km.
  2. Delhi to Pandaripuram – 1580 Km.
  3. Bangalore to Pandaripuram – 750 Km
  4. Kolapur to Pandaripuram – 75 Km
  5. Coimbatore to Pandaripuram – 1110 Km.

General Information of Pandaripuram:

1. This sthalam is also called as “Pandarpur”.

2. Since, the Perumal stood in a place called “Pandari” this sthalam is so called as “Pandaripuram”.

3. 2 Kms away from Pandaripuram there is a place named “Gopalpur”, where a Vishnu Paadham (divine feet) of Sri Vishnu is found.

4. Laddu is given as the main prasadham in this sthalam.

5. The speciality of this sthalam is the position in which the perumal is found. His hands are placed in his hip and the expression of this posture explains that he is enjoying the Bhajans of his devotees.

6. There is another great specialty in this sthalam and it is the way we worship the Perumal. They adapt as process called “Padha Sparisa Seva” and it is that we can place our fore head touching the divine feet of the Perumal in Garbagriham (Moolavar Sannadhi). And, it is considered as a special one if we do it on Wednesdays.

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