Sri Ashtamuga Gandaperundaga Simhalakshmi Narasimhar Prathishtapanam


Sri Ashtamuga Gandaperundaga Simhalakshmi Narasimhar Sannadhi Divya vigraha prathishta vaibhavam is scheduled to take place on July 14, 2013 between 4:30 am and 11:30 am at Falor Farms, Uthandi village.

The address is 3/113, Kannagi Street, Naynar Kuppam, [just 4.5 kms from Golden Beach], East Coast Road, Uthandi Village, Chennai. Kannagi Street is adjacent to Suddhananda Ashram Arch [first left after Arch]. The closest bus stop is Naynar Kuppam – all buses heading to Kovalam, Mamallapuram stops here. From the bus stop, it is just 10 minutes walk. The bus service is regular bus service plus share auto pickup from Tiruvanmiyur is also available. Bhaktas in Chennai may make it convenient to attend the utsavam.

Courtesy: Smt Malini Narasimhan

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  1. This is purely a devataantara pratishtai. simha lakshmi is a shakta version of narasimhar. This had never been encouraged by our preceptors of Sri Ramanuja Sampradayam. Not sure why such an article is posted in Anudinam!

    Ramanuja Dasan


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