Paramakudi Sri Sundararaja Perumal Koil Aadi Brahmotsavam


Vijaya Varusha Aadi Brahmotsvam at Paramakudi Sri Sundararaja Perumal Koil commenced yesterday (July 14, 2013) with Hamsa vahana purappadu in the evening. The following are some of the photographs taken during the first day of the utsavam…

Photo Courtesy: Sri Balaji

About the temple:

Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple at Paramakudi is a puratana temple about 500-1000 years old. The moolavar is Parama Swamy while the utsavar is Sri Sundararaja Perumal. Thayar here is Soundaravalli Thayar. The temple follows the Pancharatra agama. Some of the key utsavams celebrated at this temple are Aadi Brahmotsavam, Chitrai Pournami Vizha, and Panguni Uthiram. Most utsavams are celebrated just like Madurai Thirumaliruncholai Kallazhgar Temple. Similar to Kallazhagar temple, Maduka Maharisha prayed to this Lord as well. The temple timings are 6.00 am to 11.00 am in the morning and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm in the evening.

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  1. Not like Madurai festival but even more grand than that. Perhaps due to royal patronage Madurai festival got much publicity. At Paramakkudi, when Azhakar enters the Vaigai river it will be a grand sight. Even now He enters the river before Sun rises with 1000 torches (1000 தீவட்டி). phlease visit to eñjoy.


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