Prabhandam & Slokas

Yathiraja Vimsathy Sloka 11and 12

017_Ramanuja Jayathi Sri Vaikundapathi Perumal Temple Thoothukudi



O YathirAjA! If one feels fear and repentance over committing sins, how can that person engage in  committing the  sin  once  again. As  far  as  I  am  concerned, I  do  not  seem  to experience any sense of shame or repentance over repeated commission of sins. Therefore, I keep on piling up my sins.


12a 12b


O YathirAjA! I am not fit to stand before you. I am like a man blind from birth who can not recognize an object in front of him. Similarly, I am unable to see the Lord, who pervades the inside (antharyAmi) and outside every object of His creation. I am always under  the  influence  of  my  desires  (KAma Paravasan). What a tragedy! I do not have the qualifications to stand before you.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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