Mukunda Mala Sloka 7


krishna yashoda



Meaning :

Kulasekhara prays here for safe residence as of now inside the cage of the Lord’s holy feet. He compares his mind to a king swan that wishes to enter the safe cage of the Lord’s Lotus feet. He explains the reason for this urgent and pressing request. He says that at the time of his departure from this earth, he may be totally helpless and will be overcome by blockage of throat from the Phlegm, bile and irregular respiration.

“I may not be able to think of you under those circumstances. Therefore, let me enter the safe haven (cage) of the lotus feet of thine NOW!”

The Azhwaar’s Paasura Vaakyams such as:

1.  “Appothaikkippotheh Solli vaithen”,

2.  “Vaayorupakkam Vaangi Valippa,Vaarnda NeerkkuzhikkaNkaL Mizharra”

are reminiscent of the terror experienced by the Azhwaars and their seeking Insurance from the Lord to protect them, when they are helpless during the last moments of their life.

Varaha charama slokam is the answer that the Lord gives to Kulasekhara. Those charama Slokam words are:

“mriyamaananthu kaashta paashana sannibham, aham smaraami madh bhaktham nayami paramangathim ”

Lord Varaha assures the Bhakthas that he will think of them at the time of their death, when they lie incapacitated on their death bed as stones or a piece of wood and lead them to His supreme abode.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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