Kothandarama Temple Ayodhyapattanam


Located about 10kms East of Salem on the Tiruppattur / Athur – Vriddachalam highway is the 17th Century AD Tirumala Nayak period Kothandarama Temple in Ayodhyapattanam. Its believed that, Rama came here and stayed along with Sita for a day. On the request of Vibheeshana, he is believed to have provided darshan in a Pattabhisheka Posture as a result of which Sita is seen to the left of Rama at this temple. Vibheeshana is seen standing opposite Rama and Sita offering his prayers to them and in a posture of invoking their blessings. A unique feature at this temple is that Rama is seen in a sitting posture with his left leg placed on his right thigh. Alongside Rama and Sita inside the sanctum are Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrugana and Anjaneya.


Located on a 1 ½ acre area, the temple was built during the rule of Tirumala Nayak in the 17th Century AD. On the Eastern entrance is a 5 tier 150 feet high Raja Gopuram. As one enters the only prakara of the temple, there is a spacious Maha Mandapa where one finds pillars of good workmanship. One finds several artistic sculptures inside the temple that dates back to the Nayak Period.On the North Eastern corner of the mandapa are three musical pillars. Cornices and Horse Pillars are reminiscent of the Madura Style of Tirumala Nayak period. On a single pillar on the Eastern corner are Dasavathara carvings. Four figures carved in the Maha Mandapa are believed to represent Tirumala Nayaka, his wife and two sons. On the upper wall of the Maha Mandapa are several Mooligai Paintings.

10day Rama Navami and Hanuman Jayanthi are celebrated in a grand way at this temple. In centuries gone by, the temple had Vahanas of Anjaneya, Horse and Elephant as well as a palanquin. The 20feet high wooden chariot is currently in a dilapidated condition.

Moolavar         : Rama in a Pattabhisheka Kolam with Sita to his left

Utsavar            : Kothandarama

Time                : 7am-12noon and 5pm-830pm

Contact            : Raja Bhattar @98948 70206

How to reach

Train No. 1603 Chennai Egmore- Salem Express stops at Ayodhyapattanam Railway Station (530am).  From Salem Junction, auto will cost Rs. 200-250(one way). Direct buses every 15minutes to the temple from the Salem Old bus stand. One can also take Tirupattur and Athur/ Vriddachalam bound buses to reach Ayodhyappattam ( will take 45minutes from Salem New Bus Stand).

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Courtesy: Sri Prabhu
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