Upanyasams at Srivilliputtur for Andal Thirunakshatram


srivilliputtur andal and rengamannar

During the tamil month of Aadi in Vijaya Varusham, to celebrate Andal Thirunakshatram Thirunaal, several upanyasams have been arranged by T.T.D and Azhwar Divya Prabhanda Seyyal Thittam at Srivilliputtur, the thiruavathara sthalam of Sri Andal. They have organised upanyasams to be rendered by stalwarts in srivaishnava sampradayam. Here is the invitation showing the various programmes on different days. All bhaagavathas are invited to attend the upanyasam and get the blessings of Sri Andal Rengamannar at Srivilliputtur

patrikai 1

patrikai 2

Courtesy : Sri Sampath

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