Mukunda Maala Sloka 15


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Meaning :

In  this  verse, SrI kulaSEkhara asserts his devotion to SrI Ranganaatha and declares aloud his disinterest in those who lead wasted lives by discarding the Lord  from  their thoughts. AzhvAr has no use  for such detestable souls who do not have bhakti for Ranganaatha. He just cannot imagine such empty lives! He says he cannot live without performing nityArAdhanam to SrI Ranganaatha in every one of his lives on this Earth. He reminds us here of the two principles for which bhAgavata-s are well- known, viz.,

“Atma-dAsyam  harE: svAmyam”.

Here he reminds us that the only way to attain salvation is to remember constantly that one is the servant of the Lord and the Lord is the Supreme Master for all of us. Any belief to the contrary will lead one astray and such thoughts are totally unacceptable to SrI KulaSEkhara.

I will translate now word-for-word to enjoy the sentiments expressed by SrI KulaSEkhara AzhvAr:

“hE bhuvana-patE ! bhavata: padAbjE bhakti-hInAn kshINa puNyAn kshaNam api mA drAksham”

(O Lord of the universe! I will not look even for a second at the unfortunate who do not offer bhakti at your lotus feet)

“SrAvya-bandham tava caritam apAsya anyat AkhyAna-jAtam mA Srausham”

(O ranganaatha! I will not hear any prabandham other than those of Your’s which are the most delectable for the ears. I will not pay even momentary attention to delightful songs other than those related to you.)

“hE mAdhava tvAm apahnuvAnAn cetasA mA smarsha”

(O mAdhava! I will not think even for a moment about those unfortunate ones who reject you from their lives.)

“janma janmAntarE api tvat saparyA vyatikara rahita: mA bhuvam”

(In this and other lives I will not be passing my time without performing your daily ArAdhanam. Please bless me with this boon.)

In fact, AzhvAr prays to SrI Ranganaatha to bless him to be free from all the mishaps he summarized in this verse.

 SrI KulaSEkhara AzhvAr’s thoughts about rejecting the Godless reminds us of another AzhvAr :

 “kaNNamangai nagarALan kazhal sUDi avanai uLLatteNNAda mAniDattai eNNAda pOdellAm iniyavARE

Here the other AzhvAr echoes KulaSEkhara’s thought: Sweet indeed is the times when I do not think of those who eject the Lord of tirukkaNNamangai from their minds.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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