Mukunda Maala Sloka 22




Meaning :

The thought of SrI kRshNa in the previous verse stirs the kRshNa-bhakti of SrI KulaSEkharar and in this verse the AzhvAr further celebrates  the descent of SrI RanganAtha as SrI kRshNa.

AzhvAr describes and celebrates the splendid gem of SrI kRshNa bhagavAn. AzhvAr states that HE is like gAruDa-maNi which removes the dangers arising from poisonous snakes. He recognizes SrI kRshNa as the supremely brilliant gem which protects the three universes. (trai-lOkya-rakshA-maNi:)

Azhvar also describes HIM as gOpI-lOcana-cAtaka-ambuda (i.e) , HE is the gem in the form of rainy clouds for the cAtaka birds which represent the eyes of the cowherdesses of gOkulam.

SrI KulaSEkharar is overcome by the beauty of SrI kRshNa and describes him as the combined essence of all the beauty in this world, shining as an invaluable gem. (saundarya-mudrA-maNi:)

This beautiful gem of kRshNa is visualized as resting HIS head between the breasts of SrI RukmiNI dEvI. Hence the AzhvAr describes him as the blue sapphire that adorns the chest region of SrI RukmiNI. (kAntA-manIr- rukmiNI- ghana-kuca-dvandvaika-bhUshA-maNi:)

Our AzhvAr also appreciates SrI kRshNa as the crown jewel of gOpas (gopAla- cUDA-maNi:) and crown jewel of deva-s (dEva-SikhA-maNi:)

AzhvAr prays to that illustrious blue gem (sa: na: SrEyO diSatu) and prays for his benevolent blessings.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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