Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 8 & 9

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Sloka 8

Hamsa Sandesam Sloka 8


Oh Swan, My Friend! Please listen to what I have to say about the help that you can render. My ancestors belonging to the ishvAku kulam were great kings, who were known for their valour. They displayed their power to improve the lot of the world and its beings by sheer will power. They did not need to gain any new glories. Their lofty status was well established. Their vaibhavam was natural to them. Now look at my sad situation compared to my great ancestors.

This is the most appropriate time for you to come to my help. You must now go to LankA, the capital of the king of RaakshasAs. LankA is situated on top of trikUTa mountain. It is called trikUTam because it has three peaks. That mountain is in the middle of the ocean and is hidden from view, when the mighty waves rise. It will become visible, when there is low tide. You have to use these signs, You should locate the city of LankA, which is very well defended. Those who can roam on water or fly in the sky like You can easily reach LankA You are the vAhanam of Brahma devan and therefore are the leader among the birds. It is therefore easy for you to travel to LankA and it is also appropriate.


The key words are: “lankAm gantum tava samucitam”.

Oh Raaja Hamsam! It is very appropriate for You to travel to LankA. SrI Raaman compares His ancestors, the glorious Kings of ikshvAku vamSam with Himself and speaks highly of the ikshvAku kings. He contrasts His troubled state with that of His ancestors, who by their will power alone could transform the world from inauspicious to auspicious (icchA mAtrAt jagat aparadhA samvidhAtum kshamANAm prakrti mahatAm ishvAkUNAm). He asks the Swan to reflect well on the troubled times that He is going through (idrSIm velAm prekshya) and states that the Swan should help Him with the requested service as His dUtan.

Sloka 9

Hamsa Sandesam Sloka 9


Oh Friend! The southern direction is famous for many things. It has many divya desams that add to its glory. It has fragrant forests of sandal wood trees. It has lakes and rivers filled with beautiful pearls. It is the place of origin of the gentle southern breeze. Please travel to LankA via this enchanting southern land to please Me and for saving the life of Jaanaki. There is only one blemish about LankA in that RaajadhAni being the place of residence of RaakshasAs. Please put up with that sole blemish associated with the city of LankA.


In the south, there are the most sacred divya desams like Srirangam, Kaanci, TiruveLLaRai et al. Travel over these divya desams and halting at them to worship the Lords of these sacred places will gain you a lot of PuNYam. There are a lot sandal wood forests in the south. The coolness of these forests will remove Your fatigue from travel over long distances. There are high quality pearls in the river TamraparaNi.

You will be delighted to see these classy,  fresh water pearls. They say that the swans enjoy pearls as their food. You might like that too! The cool winds originate from the Malaya mountain (malaya mArutam) in the south. Those gentle winds will soothe your travel fatigue. You will make Me very happy by accepting this request to travel to LankA as My dUtan to present My message to SitA PirATTi. By consoling Her with the message of My arrival in LankA as soon as possible to rescue Her, you will give hope to Her to sustain Herself.

This southern direction has only one blemish (viz.), LankA, as the seat of power of RaavaNan, the king of RaakshasAs. In balance, You can weigh the pros and cons of the south and accept this mission and thereby please Me and help My PirATTi.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam slokam 8 Hamsa Sandesam slokam 9

Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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