Sri Jayanthi – Celebrating Avathara Dinam of Lord Krishana


Sri Jayanthi Wishes to all our readers!

Today is Sri Krishna Jayanthi. JanmAshtami!  Krishna, Rama avathArams are the most enjoyable and divine and they always enchant us with the wonderful deeds of the Lord. AzhwArs and Acharyans have deeply immersed themselves in these avathArams in particular and had seen the same Rama, Krishna in the archA mUrthys in Dhivya Desams. Thsee special Rama Krishna avathArams have got a spociality in them. The Sarvagnan, SarvEshwaran, Sarva shakthan, the Supreme Lord- who is unpapalleled and Peerless- who has none equal to or above Him – oppAril appan- ParamAthmA- PurushOtthaman- Jagath kaarNanan; Jagath rakshakan- The Only One who could grant mOksham [mOksha pradhan]; the Ultimate enjoyment for NithyasUris and mukthAs at Srivaikuntam.

One can go on describing and extolling His positions, Roopam, Swaroopam, vibhuthi (rulership) i.e. this world [leelA vibhUthi] and Paramapadham [Nithya vibhUthi], His innumerous kalyANa guNas; In spite of such Greatest qualities, His dayA [comnpassion] is Supreme and the most important One; manisarkaay-padaathana pattu- For the sake of human beings- what all troubles; briths (as avathArams) He undertakes. He  took the avathArams in the lowly human forms and stoops down so low with such east accessibility to illiterate Gopas, GopikAs, pasu (cows), pakshis (jatAyu), monkeys, boatmen- hunters (Guha), et al. His sowlabhyam [coming down so low] and sowseelyam [easily accessible for all] is amazingly true and present in such Greatest Parathvam

He moved with everyone equally and attracted them all with His sowlabhyam and sowseelyam. He is thus possessed with the most wonderful gunAs, namely Sowlabhya, Sowseelyams. Rama is addressed as Gunvaan-mentioning this gunA especially.

KrishnAvathAra sowseelyam is Ultimate and there is no match for that. aRivonRum illAdha Aykulatthu- He appeared in the group of cowherd folks who were completely illiterate; having no saasthra jnAnam- did not even know how to eat with right hand or left..[idakkai, valakkai theriyaadha].. He mixed with them as if He had been a cowherd Boy for ages and even Devendran, Chathu mukha BrahmA were all misled. He reared cattle; tendered calves; played with Gopa boys, shared their food, taking a bite from their palms; played with Gopikas and danced with them He allowed Himself tied down to a mortar by the illiterate Gopa lady (YasodhA) and NammAzhwAr marveled as His such a sowseelyam and fainted for about six months it is told [etthiRam-etthiRam].

This sowseelya gunA which can not be seen in anyone else in such grandest proportion is the natural swabhAvam for the Lord.. It is His one of His inherent kalyANa guNa for the sake of us- due to His mercy, dayA on us.

Avani Rohini marks the arrival of Thiruvavathara dinam of Geethacharyan – Sri Krishnan. But the day is thrice special and thrice auspicious as it also marks the thirunakshatram of another two great acharya sarvabhoumas – Sri Kumara Varadhacharyar (Thirukumarar of Swamy Sri Desikar) and Ayya Sri Krishna Thathayarya Maha Desikan

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