Uriyadi Utsavam at Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi


Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_04

Today, 30th of August 2013,  as a part of ongoing Sri Jayanthi Utsavam of Thirukudanthai Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi Uriyadi Utsavam was celebrated grandly. This year after a long gap of more than 10 years, the Utsavar Sri Krishnan was also taken in procession for the Uriyadi held before the naalukal mandapam and at Sarangapani Keezha Sannidhi Street along with Sri Aaravamudhan with ubyanachiyars.

At Sri Ramaswami Sannidhi, uriyadi before Sri Ramaswami and Sri Aaravamudhan was held, during which Sri Vedha Narayana Perumal and Sri Varadharaja Perumal of Birman Koil situated in Kumbakonam was also taken in procession.

Earlier on August 29th,2013, Vijaya Varusha Aavani Rohini, Sri Jayanthi Utsavam was celebrated at Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi in grand manner. Sri Santhana Krishnan purappadu took place in front of Sri Komalavalli Thayar Sannidhi and after the Krishaarkyam, Sri Krishnan oonjal seva was performed, photos of which can be viewed from: Sri Jayanthi Utsavam Celeberation at Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi

Some of the photos taken during Uriyadi Utsavam today can be viewed below

Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_00 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_01 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_02 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_03Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_08 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_04 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_05 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_06 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_07 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_09 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_10 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_11 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_12 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_13 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_14 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_15 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_16 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_17 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_18 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_19Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_20 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_21 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_24 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_23 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_25 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_26 Uriyadi_Sri Jayanthi_Aravamudhan_2013_27
Photo Courtesy : Sri Raghavasimhan

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