Pachai Payar (Green Gram)


pachai payar

Pachai Payar or Green Gram or Moong Dal is very nutritious with high levels of protein and fibre and very low fat content. It is easily digestible and helps in lowering the high cholesterol as well as in reducing weight. Pachai Payar delicacies are quite popular across India. It is particularly recommended for children and pregnant women to get the required nutrition. It has medicinal value as well. Pachai Payar is also very good for the skin and hair. 

The following is an article about Pachai Payar and its health benefits written by Sri K. Venkatesan in Tamil…Pachai Payar1

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  1. Dhanyosmi swamin! adiyen enjoyed all the articles written by Mooligaimani Venkatesan avgl. can devareer post any articles that portrays the significance of “Agathi Keerai”. dhaasan!


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