Kumbakonam Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Temple Sri Jayanthi Utsavam Concludes


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On August 31, 2013, Vijaya Varusha Sri Jayanthi Utsavam, which took place for the previous 10 days, at Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Sannidhi, Patrachar Street, Kumbakonam concluded with Raja alankaram and Pushpa Pallakku purappadu.

During this utsavam, there is special alankaram for Sri Navaneetha Krishnan everyday in the morning and evening. On Day 2 (August 22, 2013), the utsavamoorthy gave devotees darsanam in Veda Narayana thirukolam (morning) and Surya Prabhai (evening). On Day 3 morning (August 23rd, 2013), Perumal had Kalinga Narthana alankaram and Sesha vahana sevai in the evening. On Day 4, devotees had darsanam of Perumal in Bakasuravada alankaram and Garuda Sevai. On day 5 morning in Nachiyar Thirukolam and Hanumantha Vahanam, on Day 6 Kaithala Sevai and on Day 7 Thirkalyanam, during Day 8 in Kuthurai Vahanam and in Day 9 in Ratham purappadu. On Day 10, Uriyadi took place.

For previous days’ utsavam, please visit the following links:

The photos taken during the Pushpa Pallakku purappadu…

Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_02 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_05 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_06 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_07 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_09 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_13 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_19 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_21 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_23 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_29 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_31 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_34 Sri Navaneetha Krishnar_Sri Jayanthi_36Photo Courtesy: Sri Raghavasimhan

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  1. I have been enjoying seeing your photos and descriptions for many months to come. I feel you are the Messenger of God!! You are everything. The immense happiness that me and my family derives from your posts gives a lot of mental satisfaction, mental peace and the cheerfulness to carry on with our daily routine. The efforts that you are taking is simply splendid and stupendous! Matchless!! The close snaps of the PERUMALS AND THAAYAARS are a boon to our lives forever!


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