Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 30 & 31

Sloka 30

Hamsa Sandesam 30

The auspiciousness of taking bath in the river Vegavati


Oh Swan Friend! Since Sarasvati flows as the river Vegavati, this river is also called Sarasvati. The sins of all those, who take bath in this river will be destroyed (pumsAm Samita kalusha nASana tIrtham). The sinless sages (anaghai: muni:) also immerse in it. If You join these sages and dip in this river (munibhi sArdham snAtvA), your limbs will attain a special glow (samyak ullAsita anga:). The rajo guNam inside you will disappear (vigata rajasi bhUyAt). Sattva guNam will dominate. Your mind will be purified from this snAnam in the river.

This consecration can not be altered by any force (akshepaNIyam parAm Suddhim anta: bahi: api vakshyasi). Your external limbs and internal faculties would have a special jyoti. All the objects will be seen by your mind (citte aSesham viSvam vyanjayantIm).

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Sloka 31

Hamsa Sandesam 31

The Vaibhavam of Hastigiri/attigiri


Beautiful friend! On the banks of the river Vegavati is seen Hastigiri, where the yAga vedi of the lotus-born Brahma devan is seen sanctifying the drAviDa desam by its presence. Those who live within the vicinity of this Hastigiri are truly fortunate. Mere residence close to Hastigiri will lead them to perform the MokshopAyam of SaraNAgati at the sacred feet of BhagavAn. At the end of their earthly lives, they will be freed from links to Prakrti and be blessed with the BhAgyam of residence in SrI VaikuNTham and perform nitya Kaimkaryam there. Oh Swan Friend! You will see the sacred Hastigiri now.

The prayogam of “vitamasi vAsudevasya pade vartishyante” is a moving one. It reminds one of Swamy NammAzhVAr pAsura vAkyam: “maraNamAnAl Vaikuntam pukuvatu maNNavar vidiyE”. It is so reassuring to us.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam 31

Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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