Kainkaryam for Mannargudi Santana Gopalan’s Adiseshan



This is a kainkaryam appeal to astikas to help and contribute for gold plating for the Adiseshan of Santhana Gopalan of Mannargudi.

Santhana Gopalan of Mannargudi is celebrated as a new born kid. On Sri Jayanthi day, Thirumanjanam and Janana Homam to Santhana Gopalan (The new born!!) who is oruthimaganai pirandu oor iravil oruthi maganai olitthu valandavan. This homam is done with the Kalasa aavahanam of Vasudevar, Devaki, Nandagopalan, Yasodai, aavahanam of Chandra bimbam (nila Рwho is dearer to kids), along with with Santhana Krishnan. Teertham from the 4 kalasams are sprinkled (prokshana) on Santhana Gopalan. Thiruvaradhanam Рbali Рfollowed by Sangupaal (first argyam will be for Chardran, then to Santhana gopalan) Yaatradaanam, as Santhana Gopalan heads to Dolai, 12 kinds of Upacharams, Bhakshanams are served to Him. Then comes the moment of the Life Рevery one is allowed to fondle this New Born Kid by taking Him in their hands.

The following is the related appeal along with some of the photographs of old and new Adiseshan (which is to be plated with gold):

Mannargudi Santana Gopalan Adiseshan Appeal
Mannargudi Adiseshan_New1 Mannargudi Adiseshan_New2 Mannargudi Adiseshan_Old1 Mannargudi Adiseshan_Old2
mannargudi rajagopalan1
Courtesy: Sri Hari Ram
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