Sri Ramanuja Dayapatram Thaniyan Avathara Utsavam at Kanchipuram


Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_7

Sri Ramanuja Dayapatram Thaniyan Avathara Dhina Utsavam was celebrated grandly between 6th to 8th of September 2013 at Sri Parakala Mutt in Kanchi. Utsavam details and the invitation can be read from: Sri Ramanuja Dayapatram Thaniyan Avathara Utsavam

It was on Aavani Hastam the Thaniyans “rAmAnuja dhayApAthram jnAna vairAgya bhooshaNam |srImath vEnkatanAthAryam vandhE vEdhAntha dEsikam ||”, on Swami Desikan and “shrImallakshmana yogIndra …” on Sri Nayanaracharya, were sung by Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Jeeyar Swami (1st Jeeyar of parakala mutt), who was Swamy Desikan’s direct and prime disciple. These thaniyans were composed and sung at Thirunarayanapuram by Sri Brahmatantra Swatantrar before beginning Bhagavad vishaya kAlakshepam at the feet of Swamy Nayanaracharya.

Swami Desikan studied all the shastras from his maternal uncle Sri Athreya Ramanuja. Swami Desikan was also the direct recipient of the choicest anugrahams of Ramanuja at Thirunarayanapuram. Incidentally both Athreya Ramanuja and Bhagavad Ramanuja share the same thirunakshatram, that being Chittirai ThiruvAdirai. May be these are some of the insights that prompted Parakala Jeeyar to use the most wonderful sobriquet “rAmAnuja dayApAtram” when singing the glories of Swami Desikan. Poorvacharyas have elaborately commented on these taniyans that are rich with esoterical meanings.

A detailed article about this can be read in this link: Today Aavani Hastham – Avathara Dhinam of RAmAnuja DhayApAthram Thaniyan

Some of the photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below


Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_1 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_2 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_3 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_4 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_5 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_6 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_7 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_8 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_9 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_10 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_12Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_11 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_13 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_14 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_15 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_16 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_17 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_18 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_19 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_20 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_21 Ramanuja Dayapatram_Kanchi_22

Courtesy: Sri Sridhar

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