Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Purappadu & Darsanam in Noothana Theppam


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Today September 9th, 2013; Vijaya varusha Aavani Swathi, purappadu for Sri Aravamudhan with Sri Sri Devi Nachiyar and Sri Boomi Devi Nachiyar within the praharam of Thirukkudanthai Sri Sarangapani Temple was conducted well in the evening at 7 pm. Thereafter, Sri Aaravamudhan with Ubhaya Nachiyars gave darsanam in the Noothana Theppam.

Earlier today morning, after Anugjai, Kumba sthabanam, rituals were conducted at the Ekadasi Mandapam of Sarangapani Thirukkoil. Visthara Homam was conducted. After the Maha Poornahuthi, the Kumbam was taken in procession with mangala vadyam within the Praharam of the Temple and the Noothana Theppam Prathistai was done by the Battachar. After the prathistai, Vedha Satrumurai and Prabandha Satrumurai was conducted and the morning function of the Noothana Theppam Prathistai was completed.

For Prathistai details and coverage, please visit the following links:

The following are some of the photographs taken during the evening purappadu and darsanam in Theppam…

Aravamudhan_Theppam_00 Aravamudhan_Theppam_01 Aravamudhan_Theppam_02 Aravamudhan_Theppam_03 Aravamudhan_Theppam_04 Aravamudhan_Theppam_05 Aravamudhan_Theppam_06 Aravamudhan_Theppam_07 Aravamudhan_Theppam_08 Aravamudhan_Theppam_09 Aravamudhan_Theppam_10 Aravamudhan_Theppam_11 Aravamudhan_Theppam_12 Aravamudhan_Theppam_13 Aravamudhan_Theppam_14 Aravamudhan_Theppam_15 Aravamudhan_Theppam_16 Aravamudhan_Theppam_17 Aravamudhan_Theppam_18Aravamudhan_Theppam_19 Aravamudhan_Theppam_20 Aravamudhan_Theppam_21 Aravamudhan_Theppam_22 Aravamudhan_Theppam_23 Aravamudhan_Theppam_24 Aravamudhan_Theppam_25 Aravamudhan_Theppam_26 Aravamudhan_Theppam_27 Aravamudhan_Theppam_28 Aravamudhan_Theppam_29 Aravamudhan_Theppam_30 Aravamudhan_Theppam_31 Aravamudhan_Theppam_32 Aravamudhan_Theppam_33

Courtesy: Sri Raghavasimhan, Sri Amuthan Kainkarya Sabha

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