Thirukoodal Sri Vyuga Sundararajan Aavani Moola Thirumanjanam



Today, 13th of Septemeber 2013, Vijaya varusha Aavani Moolam, Thirumanjanam was performed at Koodal Azhagar divya desam for Sri Vyuga Sundararajan. The Koodal Azhagar Divya Desam is situated in the heart of Madurai, one km South East of Madurai Junction. Lord is seen in all three postures at this Divya Desam. At the base Tier is Koodal Azhagar in a grand sitting posture under the Serpent Lord Aadhiseshan. Climbing about 20 steps on to Tier 1, one sees the Lord in a Sleeping Posture. And another 10 steps above, in Tier 2, is Lord Surya Narayanan in a standing posture. In the temple tower at the entrance, one sees the story of the Ramayana and Mahabaratha depicted through sculpture in different tiers of the tower. These sculptures can be closely seen from Tier 1 of the temple and are not to be missed.

Some of the photos take this morning during Thirumanjanam can be viewed below

Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_00 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_01 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_02 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_03 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_04 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_05 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_06 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_07 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_08 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_09 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_10 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_11 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_13Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_12 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_14 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_15 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_16 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_17 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_18Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_19 Koodalazhagar_Thirumanjanam_20

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