Sri Dasavathara Stothram (Ramavathara Varnanam) – 8




The key words of this slOkam are: “sakruth prapanna janathA samrakshaNa yEka vrathee vigrahavAn dharma: dhanvee Sa: na: adharma vrirathim tanveetha” (Lord Raamachandran is a matchless archer and the embodiment of dharmam. His sole vow is to protect every one, who has surrendered to Him even once. May Raamachandran of this renown bless us to be freed from adharmam of every kind). The prayer here is: “adharma virathy roopam Subham AatanaOthu, bhava saagara virathim tanOthu”.


Lord Raamachandran is a matchless archer. He is the embodiment of dharmam. He is dharma svaroopi. The fierce power of His arrows has no match. He performed Prapatthi to Samudhra Raajan to get permission to build a dam over the sea to reach LankA. Samudra Raajan did not pay attention since he thought that Lord Raamachandran was a mere mortal. The anger of spurned Raamachandran grew multifold. He began to set His arrows to dry up the ocean. His arrows had the power of KaalAgni and could evaporate the waters of the ocean and kill all the fish and other aquatic janthus living in that ocean. Raghu Veeran of this Vaibhavam will never abandon anyone, who sought His feet as rakshaNam. It is His vratham to come to their rescue. May this Sarva lOka SaraNyan free us from the lure of adharmams!


The two Vaibhavams of Lord Raamachandra are celebrated in this slOkam:
(1) the power of His arrows
(2) His display of Achyutha tatthvam in the case of SaraNAgathAs.

The first two paadhams of this slOkam describe the fierceness of His arrows: They have the power and skills to dry up the waters of the ocean (PaarAvAra Paya: viSOshaNa kalA pAreeNam). The assembly of these unfailing and fierce arrows appears as thought they have stolen the flames of the unimaginably destructive KaalAgni (KaalAnala jwAlA jAla vihAra haaree ViSikha vyApAra ghOra krama:). The third paadham celebrates His SaraNAgatha Vratham (abhaya PradhAna vow). He never abandons any janthu that sought His protection even once in any state (mithra bhAvEna samprAptham or not). That is His sole vratham (SarvAvastha sakruth prapanna janatha samrakshaNa yEka vrathee). This KodhaNDapANi is the embodiment of the dharmams/ Rutham/righteousness (Sa dhanvee VigrahavAn dharma:). May that Veera Raaghavan of matchless valour free us from all adharmams !

The vow of Raamachandran as the Sarva lOka SaraNyan was declared by Him in the Yuddha KaaNDam of Srimath RaamAyaNam (18.33):

“sakruthEva PrapannAya TavAsmeethi cha YaachathE
abhayam sarvabhUthEbhyO dadhAmyEthath vratham Mama”

The major message from this avathAram is “SaraNAgathy roopa sookshma dharma prakAsanam”. The avathAram was to establish that SaraNAgathy dharmam.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

to be continued…

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