Sri Dasavathara Stothram (Krishnavatharam) – 10




The key words in this slOkam are: “kuhanA gOpAya NaaTAya na: nama: padham bhavathu” (May our nama: sabdham be for our Lord, who has put on the appearance of a cowherd).


KaNNan performed wondrous deeds as the Protector of all the worlds. As the One who enjoyed His sports on the banks of Yamuna River, He danced fearlessly on the broad hoods of the serpent KaaLiyan as if they were a dance stage without any fear. May our NamskaraNams expressed through the nama: sabdham be for our Lord alone, who has taken on the role of a cowherd!


Sriman NaarAyaNan incarnated in the simple cowherd kulam to demonstrate His easy accessibility to one and all. During this avathAram as a simple cowherd, He performed wondrous deeds that can not even be imagined by anyone. He enjoyed many sports on the banks of river YamunA. Those leelAs delighted the hearts of those who were blessed to see them during His avathAra kaalam and has become a source of reflection for the people to gain sathgathi. In a pond in the middle of the center of river Yamuna, the snake by the name of KaaLiyan was spilling poison and causing death to all, who came into contact with the waters of the pond? There Kaliyan lived with his wives and caused terror to all. KaNNan jumped on the broad hoods of KaaLiyan and used them as the dance stage without any fear. Kaliyan was taught a lesson and his wives begged the Lord to spare their husband’s life. Our Lord agreed and Kaliyan gave up his old way of life and moved on to another section of Yamuna. Swamy Desikan wonders about the mighty heroic deeds of the Lord during KrishNAvathAram and expresses the wish that all of our NamaskArams be directed to Him alone.

Sri Anbil GopAlAchAr Swamy has some fascinating observations on this slOkam passages:
1. KrishNa nAmam is Moksha PurushArTa Saadhanam and Saadhana Phala sTAnam.
2. KrishNa naamam is the indicator of Parathvam of Sriman NaarAyaNan.
3. KrishNa nAmam is the irrefutable proof for Lord’s soulabhya, Souseelya GuNams.
4. In this PoorNa avathAram, Parabrahmathvam (Being the Supreme Lord of all) and Bruhathvam (gigantic vaibhavam of the avathAram based on many miraculous deeds) are well established. He is Para Brahmam in reality but for the sake of avathAram, He incarnated as a simple cowherd (KuhanA Gopan).

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

to be continued…

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