Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 44 & 45

Thiruvaranga vimanam
Sloka 44

Sighting of Candra PushkaraNi


My dear Swan friend! As your flight continues over the CoLa desam, the sacred Candra PushkaraNi will come in to view. In that sacred pond, the celestial women take their bath often and leave behind the abundant fragrance from their hair in the waters of the PushkaraNi (amara mahiLA mauLi gandhai: avandhyAm). Many other sacred waters stand on the bank of Candra PushkaraNi waiting for their turn to take a dip and have their sins removed (Suddhi heto: anyai: tIrthai: api samantAt parigatAm). These are the sins left by the people in them. Oh dear Swan! You or other friends of yours would not like Maanasarovar lake any more (va: mAnasam mAnase vyapagata rasam AtanvAnAm) after enjoying the cool and sacred waters of Candra PushkaraNi. The glory of Candra PushkaraNi is spread all over from its effect on Candran, whose curse was removed by taking a bath in this sacred PushkaraNi and gaining back His full lustre. Now, you will witness the richness of this Candra PushkaraNi (candra pushkariNyA: sampadam drakshyasi).

srirangam tank kaveri

Sloka 45

Sighting of Sesha phITham


Dear Swan friend! On the banks of this Candra PushkaraNi is a foundation structure (viracita padam) known as Sesha pITham. The sages assemble near it and will be offering their salutations (sAdhubhi: sevyamAnam) to this pITham. You should also lower your limbs with faith (SraddhA yogAt vinamita tanu: bhajethA) and prostrate before this pITham. There is a reason for prostrating before this pITham and offering one’s salutations. The Rshis have said that our Kula deivam, Lord RanganAthan, reclining now on His SeshA bed at AyodhyA will come to settle down on this Sesha pITham on the banks of Candra PushkaraNi. Therefore, please worship this sacred pITham that will have the future sambandham of Lord RanganAthan as His seat (sAketa bhAja: SrImata: rangadhAmna: sthAnam bhAvyam).


The PurANams state that Lord RanganAtha was the ArAdhya devan of Caturmukha BrahmA. Responding to the severe tapas of BrahmA to gain the boon of receiving the Lord of KshIrAbdi (the Milky Ocean) as the arcA mUrti for His daily ArAdhanam, KshIrAbdi nAThan arrived at Satya lokam and adorned the pUjA grham of Brahma devan there. Once the sUrya Kula King IkshvAku attended a Yaj~nam performed by Brahma devan at Satya lokam and was enchanted with the arcai of Lord RanganAthan. King IkshvAku did penance and prayed to BrahmA to receive Lord RanganAtha as His kula dhanam. BrahmA was pleased and gave Lord RanganAtha with the PraNavAkAra VimAnam as His gift to IkshvAku, who carried the Lord with him to His capitol, AyodhyA on the banks of SarayU river. Raamabhadran, a descendant of IkshvAku kulam presented later Lord RanganAthan with His VimAnam to VibhIshaNan after His coronation. On the way to LankA, the capital of VibhIshaNa, Lord liked the island of Srirangam and decided to stay there permanently. That is how Sri RanganAthan arrived at Srirangam.

Srirangam vimanam

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam 44 Hamsa Sandesam 45

Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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