HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Chathurmasya Sankalpam – Day 60 (Concluding Day-Part 1)


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Today September 19, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Purattadhi, is Day 60 of HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan’s Chathurmasya sankalpam. This marks the last day of Chaturmasyam of Srimath Azhagiyasingar in this Vijaya varusham.

After Abhigamanam, Theertham and Shadari in the morning at Sri Matam, at around 10:30 am, Srimath Azhagiyasingar went to Cauvery where Thirumudi villakam happened. [As mentioned earlier, the Cauvery theertham is all the more purified by Srimath Azhagiyasingar who has been going to Kollidam early every morning during the Chaturmasyam.]

Srimath Azhagiyasingar returned to Sri Matam by 12 noon and the ThiruvAradhanam began at 1 pm. Prayers were offered to thank Perumal for the successful conclusion of Chathurmasya Vratham. Malai maryadhas from various Divya Desams and abhimana sthalams including Thiruvallur, Thiruvahindrapuram, Srirangam, Pullambhoothamgudi, Injimedu and Thirukuralappan Sannadhi among others were offered to Srimath Azhagiyasingar. Theertham, Srisathari and prasada viniyogam finished by 2 pm. Thadiyaradhanam today included rice, mor kozhambu, kootu, vazhakkai, vadai, sathamdu, thirukannamudu and mor.

Tomorrow (on September 20, 2013), Uttthana Mahotsavam will take place at Sri Venkatachalapathy Perumal Temple, BHEL, Trichy. Uthanam signifies the moving to a different place after completion of Chaturmasya Vratham. Srimath Azhagiyasingar will start at 4 am from Dasavathara Sannadhi to Sri Venkatachalapathy Perumal Temple. HH will be at this temple between 6 am and 3 pm on that day. For more details, please visit HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Utthana Mahotsavam at Trichy.

By the abundant grace of Srimath Azhagiyasingar and Sri Malolan, sixty days of Chaturmasyam coverage has been possible in anudinam. We thank our readers for their constant support through regular readership and encouraging words in the comments section.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today (Part 1)…

HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_05 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_06 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_07 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_09HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_08 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_10 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_11 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_12 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_13 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_14 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_15 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_16 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_17 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_18 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_19 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_20 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_21 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_22 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_23 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_24 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_25 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_26 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_27 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_28 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_29 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_30 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_31 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_32 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_33 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_34 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_35 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_36 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_37 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_38 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_39 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_40 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_41 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_42 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_43 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_44HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_45 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_46 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_47 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_48 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_49 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_50 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_51 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_52 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_53 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_54 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_55 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_56 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_59HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_57 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_58 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_60 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_61 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_62 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_63HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_64 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_65 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_66 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_67 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_68 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_69 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_70 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_72 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_73 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_74 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_75 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_76 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_77 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_78 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_79 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_80 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_81 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_82 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_83 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_84 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_85 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_86 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_87 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_88 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_89 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_90HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_92 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_91 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_94 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_93 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_96HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_95 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_day60_97

Continued in Part 2….HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Chathurmasya Sankalpam – Day 60 (Concluding Day-Part 2)

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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