HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Utthana Sancharam


HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_019

Today September 20, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Uthiratadi, marks the Utthana Sancharam of HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan after observing 60 days of Chaturmasyam vratham.

This morning at 5:30 am, Srimath Azhagiyasingar left His ashram and after yatra daanam walked about half a mile with face covered and without looking back. People were asked to move away, only the one holding theevatti went infront of HH. HH sat on a chair and waited for the Garuda Vahanam (His vehicle).  Devotees stood on the sides and watched Sriman Narayana walking, for Acharya is none other than Sriman Narayana. Srimath Azhagiyasingar who observed Chathurmasyam in Dasavatharan Sannidhi left Srirangam and went to BHEL Sri Venkatachalapathy Perumal temple. Sri Malolan and parivaram followed. The daily pujas took place there and Theertham and Satari was finished by 10:30 am. Today is maasa thirunakshatram of HH 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar.

Thereafter, Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Dolai Kannan and parivaram proceeded for Dolai at nearby Collector quarters (Trichy District Collector Smt Jayashree Muralidharan’s kudil). After Dolai, Srimath Azhagiyasingar returned to the temple. Thiruvaradhanam took place and Thadiyaradhanam was over by 2:30 pm. Uthanam Kuzhambu is famous and sought after. It is made with different kinds of vegetables.

For coverage of all the days of the Chaturmasya Sankalpam in anudinam, please visit http://anudinam.org/tag/chaturmasya-sankalpam/ 

Utthanam marks the end of Chathurmasya Vratham and Sancharam starts again. For detailed sancharam schedule, please visit HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Sancharam During Purattasi to Margazhi It may be however noted that Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s sancharam to Azhwar Thirunagari will not take place and most likely HH will be in Trichy during those dates. The same will be confirmed shortly.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_000 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_001 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_003 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_004 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_006 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_007 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_009 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_010 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_011 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_012 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_014 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_015 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_019 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_020 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_021 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_022 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_024 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_025 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_026 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_029HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_168 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_170 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_174 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_175 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_033 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_035 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_036 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_038 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_040 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_041 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_043 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_046 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_047 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_048 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_049 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_051 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_052 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_053 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_054 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_058 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_063 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_071 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_072 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_073 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_075 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_078 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_079 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_080 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_082 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_086 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_087 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_088 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_089 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_090 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_091


HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_092 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_093 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_094 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_098 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_099 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_104 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_105 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_106 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_108 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_109 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_110 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_113 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_115 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_117 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_118 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_121 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_123 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_125 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_126 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_128 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_129 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_131 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_138 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_139 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_140 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_145 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_146 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_148  HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_154 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Utthanam_149 Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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  1. adiyen. adiyen had the good fortune to read the live update of Smt. Vyjayanthi and Sri. Sundararajan about the ChAturmAsya sankalpam of Prakrutam HH 46 Jeeyar, along with anecdotal information about the legacy of this great Acharya Paramparai.


  2. It has been indeed an awesome feeling. thanks to Anudinam we felt as if we were at Dasavataara Sannidhi all the 60 days at the feet of Maalolan and Srimad Azahiyasingar.
    heartfelt appreciation for this stupendous task of yours. thanks a lot

  3. Anudinam has done what nobody has done before. We never missed our acharya in these 60 days. Congratulations to the entire team and may lord malolan and prakrutham Azhagiya Singar be with you always…


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