Pavithrotsavam at Srirangam Sri Ranganathar Thirukkoil – Nel Alavu Kandarulal



Yesterday, September 21, 2013, Vijya Varusha Purattasi Revathi, on Day 7 of Pavithrotsavam at Srirangam, Namperumal along with Ubhaya Nachiyars had purappadu from moolasthanam at 7 pm. At 7:30, ‘Nel Alavu Kandarulal’ took place. Namperumal personally inspects the granary and witnesses the measurement of paddy that have accrued. The quantity of paddy also symbolises the prosperity of the kingdom. Namperumal with Ubhaya Nachiyars had purappadu to Thiru Kottaram, West of the Garuda Sannidhi. Here, the ‘Nel Alavu’ display event was enacted with representatives of Namperumal measuring and displaying to the Lord the the available paddy following which the representatives shouted out the next measurements thus informing Namperumal that all was well in the region. Thereafter, Namperumal made His way to the Northern Entrance of the temple and met with and had darshan of Ranganayaki Thayar, who presented the Lord with Thiruvanthikapu as a measure of protecting the Namperumal from Drishti. After this, Namperumal returned to moolasthanam at 9 pm.

The 9-day annual Pavithrotsavam for this Vijaya Varusham commenced on September 15, 2013.  The utsavam will conclude on September 23, 2012 with Poornahuti.

Each day’s Pavithrotsavam schedule and writeup can be read from: Pavithrotsavam at Srirangam Sri Ranganathar Thirukkoil Commences

Some of the photos take this evening (21st of September 2013) during Namperumal and Ubhaya Nachiyars purappadu can be viewed below:

Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_00Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_01 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_02 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_05 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_16 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_18 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_26 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_27Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_19 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_29 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_30 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_32 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_34 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_37 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_39 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_40 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_41 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_46 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_48 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_49 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_50 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_51 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_52 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_53 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_54 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_55 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_57 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_58 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_62 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_64 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_65 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_66 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_67 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_68 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_69 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_73 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_74 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_75 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_76 Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_77Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_70Srirangam_Pavitrotsavam_72

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