Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 48 & 49



Sloka 48

Hamsa Sandesam 48

The honors accorded by the women of PaanDya nADu


My dear friend! After you cross this dangerous forest, you would have arrived at PaaNDya desam. The girls there are beautiful with the soft eyes resembling Ambal pushpam (kuvalaya drSa:) in their beauty. You can sing there at a high pitch. On hearing your sweet voice (madhura virutam), the girls of PaaNDya desam will come out to see you. They will lift their heads to make eye contact. At that time, the flower mAlais that they wear on their heads will loosen up (srastApIDam) and the black tresses of theirs will move here and there (pracalat aLakam). The gem studded ear AbharaNams will shine and send out brilliant rays (vyakta tATanka ratnam). You can see clearly the tilakam on their foreheads made up of powdered pearls (muktA cUrNA: sphurita tilakam vaktram). They will stand in a circle and crane their necks to see you clearly and their glances will fall on you one by one. Those row of glances would look like a garland of flowers aimed at you to show their respectful regards (tvAm mAnayishyanti).

Sloka 49

Hamsa Sandesam 49

Worshipping TirumAlirumcOlai


My dear Swan friend! Next, you will see the mountain (Vrshabha giri), where TirumAlirumcOlai Azhagar resides. On the foothills of this Vrshabha Giri, the Lord with the sacred name of Azhagar (Sundara bAhu) lives eternally (nityAvAsam). Those who could see and worship this Vrshabha Giri are indeed fortunate (vinamat bhAgadheyam vrshabham acalam). One wonders whether the bhAgyam of these BhagavatAs took the form of Vrshabha Giri. The moment you approach this sacred mountain, you should offer your salutations (vrshabham acalam pratyAsIdan sapadi nata: syA:). There is a mountain brook there that originated from the silampu (nUpuram) of the Lord during His TrivikramAvatAram and is found on the west side of VrushabhAdri. This puNya nadI (divyam pAtha:) is more sacred than Ganga river. The reason is that this river has no sambandham with the devatAntaram (paSupati jaTA sparSa SUnyam vibhAti). It grew from the KamaNDalu water of BrahmA, when He performed pAda Tirumanjanam for Trivikraman and bypassed the JaTai of Sivan.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam 48
Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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