Pillaiandathi – Paasurams 4 and 5



Shri Kumara Varadarya was Swami Desika’s son. He learnt all the meanings under Swami’s thiruvadi and was Swami’s ardent disciple. At the peak of his Bhakti, Shri Kumara Varadarya has shared all the greatness of Swami as experienced by him. This great work is in Tamil and is called Pillai Andhadhi.

Pasuram – 4



Lord VaradarAjA arose out of the Yaaga vedhi of BrahmA at Kaanchi under puNyakOti vimAnam. Sri RaamAnujA had the distinction of worshipping that Varadhan. Swami Desikan had the distinction of being the object of mercy of that AchArya RaamAnujan that dayA of RaamAnujan was the support and sustenance for Swami Desikan. It is the blessed Sri Sookthis of the beneficiary of Sri RaamAnujA’s krupA and the interpretations found therein provide us the means for our sustenance and survival. We cannot protect ourselves with any other substitutes for our succor and rakshaNam.

Pasuram – 5



SarvEsvaran (Vatapathra Saayee) was saddened by the chethanams, which looked like insentient during mahA PraLayam and gave the jeevans them bodies and J~nEndriyAs and created them. Afterwards, He gave them the SaasthrAs to serve as hand lamps to prevent them from entering inauspicious paths. Even then He found that the chethanAs did not develop true knowledge and therefore He took the archA form and stood on top of the ThiruvEnkatam hills, so that the samsAris can see Him with their physical eyes and escape the cruelties of samsAram. The recidivism of the samsAris interfered with their salvation and then He incarnated as VenkatanAthan at ThUppul and instructed the world with his Sri Sookthis and pointed the sanmArgam with his upadEsams. Thereafter, the chEthanams of the world were blessed traveled on the Godly path and were saved for once and for all through the performance of Prapatthi.


This paasuram is related to the 41st paasuram (MaNNmisai yOnigaL) of RaamAnuja NoorandhAthi (RN).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be continued…

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