Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshatram Utsavam at Triplicane Ahobila Mutt: Day 6


Srimath Athivansatagopan_10

As part of the ongoing Thirunakshatra Utsavam of Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Yathindra Maha Desikan at Triplicane Sri Ahobila Mutt, today (October 6, 2013) was Day 6 of the utsavam. The utsavam commenced on October 1, 2013 and will carry on for 10 days till October 10, 2013.

Today, Thiruvaradhanam took place in the morning followed by Thirumanjanam and theertham. Andal Ghoshti children gave Kollattam performance in the morning. In the evening, pathi ulathal started. Srimath Adivan Sathakopan had special alankaram similar to that of HH at Ahobilam with Nrusimhan in His hands. Satrumurai took place with Prabhanda Ghoshti. Simultaneously, Veda parayanam (Yajusham and Saamam) also took place.

For previous days’ utsavams, please visit the following link:

For detailed pathrigai of Utsavam, please visit Swami Desikan & Srimad Adivan Satakopan Thirunakshatram Utsavam at Triplicane Ahobila Mutt

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier in the evening and morning….

Srimath Athivansatagopan_1 Srimath Athivansatagopan_2 Srimath Athivansatagopan_3 Srimath Athivansatagopan_4 Srimath Athivansatagopan_5 Srimath Athivansatagopan_6 Srimath Athivansatagopan_7 Srimath Athivansatagopan_8 Srimath Athivansatagopan_9 Srimath Athivansatagopan_10 Srimath Athivansatagopan_11 Srimath Athivansatagopan_12 Srimath Athivansatagopan_13 Srimath Athivansatagopan_14

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