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Mysore Shri Swethavarahaswamy Temple Rasakridai Utsavam

Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_1

Yesterday, October 18th 2013, Vijaya Varusha Thula Maasa Pournami day, Rasakridai Utsavam was held at Sri Shwetha Varaha Swamy in Mysore Palace. Some of the photos taken during the Utsavam can be viewed below

Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_4 Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_6 Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_7 Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_8 Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_2Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_1 Shri Swethavarahaswamy_Mysore_5

Courtesy: Sri Narayana Bharadwaj

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