Nanganallur Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana Perumal Temple Pavithrotsavam Concludes



Yesterday, October 18th 2013, Pavithrotsavam concluded at Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana Perumal Temple in Nanganallur. The 5-day Pavithrothsavam commenced at Sri Lakshmi Hayavadhana Perumal Temple, Nanganallur on October 13, 2013.

Amidst the religious festivities, parayanams and Asthikas the Mahapoornahudhi of the Sri Lakshmi Hayavadana Perumal ,Thirupavithrothsavam was done yesterday in a grand manner. With the blessings of the Acharyals and the patronage of many Veda Vedantha vidhwans РShri U.Ve Settlur Srivathsangachariar Swamy, Shri U Ve Mannargudi Rajagopalachariar Swamy, Shri U Ve Villivalam Swamy, lead the poornahudhi procession along with many Asthikas.

Some of the photos taken during the concluding day of the Pavithrotsavam can be viewed below

Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_00 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_06 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_11 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_13 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_15 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_20 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_21 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_25 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_04 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_07 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_27 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_42 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_45 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_44 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_03 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_30 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_33 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_46 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_47 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_39 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_34 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_35 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_36 Nanganallur_Pavitrotsavam_37

Photo Courtesy: Sri Murali Narayanan and Sri Adithya Babu

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