Vasthu Puja At HH 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Brindavanam


HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_34

Yesterday Vijaya Aippasi Revathi, Pournami October 18th 2013, Vasthu Puja was done at the upcoming Brindavanam of Lakshmi Nrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Sri Narayana Yathindra Mahadesikan by the niyamanam of HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, SriVan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Mahadesikan. Granite slabs have come from Wallajabad cut according to the requirements. All puja dravyams were placed before a granite slab to which puja was done by Aradhakar Swami of Dasavatharan Sannidhi. The garland offered to Vishvaksena inside Dasavatharan Sannidhi was brought to the site. Devotees gathered had the bhagiam of placing cement as a token of starting the work. Flower offerings were made by devotees. The stathapathi was honoured and bananas were distributed. Harathi was done by sumangalis . At Dasavatharan Sannidhi the Perumals accepted a sakkarai pongal offering made by the greatgrandson of 41st Srimath Azhagiyasingar who completed Ramayana Pattabhishekam today. All these are portents that the Brindavanam will come up without hurdles.The women devotees gathered remembered the goodness of Villivallam Srimadh Azhagiasingar and how he would greet each shishya with love . Even when in pain HH would feel happy on seeing crowds and smile weakly. Fortunate are we to have had close contact with “The Mahan.”

HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_03 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_08 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_12 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_07 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_13 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_14 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_15 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_17 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_18 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_19 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_21 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_22 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_24 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_25 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_23 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_26 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_27 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_28 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_29 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_30 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_34 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_35 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_37 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_39 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_40 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_42 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_43 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_44 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_45 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_48 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_49 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_50 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_51 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_52 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_53 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_61 HH 45th_Azhagiyasingar_62

Courtesy : Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan


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