Gayayin Perumai


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Gaya Mahaathmiyam was mentioned in 100th adhyayam of Vayu Purana as well as many references in other  Pouranic Scriptures.  Gayasura  once started to perform austerities and such were the powers of his tapasya that the demigods began to suffer. They went to Narayana and asked him to save them. Narayana agreed and appeared before gayasura, asking him to cease his activities and accept a boon. He asked to grant a boon that “I” may become the most sacred of all tirthas. Gaya is a sacred place which  has got lot of  importance in Perfoming  Sraddha . Gayayin perumai-00


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Gayayin perumai-01


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Gaya sraddha article-00

Gaya sraddha article-02

Gayayin perumai-03

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