Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 21

"Sri Malayappan with Sri & Bhu Devi naachchimaar”
"Sri Malayappan with Sri & Bhu Devi naachchimaar”
“Sri Malayappan with Sri & Bhu Devi naachchimaar”



aavirmadairamara dantibhir.h uhyamaanaaM
ratnaakareNa ruchiraaM rashanaa guNena.
maatastriloka jananiiM vana maaliniiM tvaaM
maayaa varaaha mahiShiim.h avayanti santaH.. 21

This shlokam refers to the recognition and the celebration by the noble ones that BhUmi Devi is the Patta Mahishi (Empress) of the Lord. The Key words of this shlokam are: “ThrilOka Jananeem ThvAm Maayaa VarAha Mahisheem santha: avayanthy”. Our Lord is MaayA VarAhan, One who incarnated as Jn~AnappirAn out of His own volition. Our Mother, BhUmi Devi Joined Him as His dhivya Mahishi during that avathAram. The ones with discriminating intellect (santha:) understood clearly about BhUmi Devi’s status as the Empress of MaayA VarAhan. “Santha:” is an important word in Sri Desika Sri Sookthis. For instance, Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram begins and ends with the word “Santha:”. This noble word refers to AchAryAs and those Saadhus, who follow Sri BhAshyakAra SiddhAntham. They are not bound by the karmAs (Karma BhaddharkaL allar). They have won over the ills of SamsAram and are victorious (JayaseelarkaL). They are akarma vasyAL, who reach Sri Vaikuntam at the end of their dEha Yaathrai and have clear Sva-Svaroopa Jn~Anam. Swamy Desikan points out such noble ones (SanthAs) understand the true status of BhUmi DEvi as the reigning Empress of Her Lord’s SaamrAjyam and soubhAgyams.


Oh BhUmi PirAtti! You stay as the Mother for all the beings of the three worlds. This earth is of Your form, where the PuNyams and Paapams are experienced and as a result is recognized as the kaaraNam (causative factor) for the existence of the three worlds. The learned ones understand that You are the Empress of VarAha PerumAn, who incarnated out of His own free will. You have all the glories befitting that exalted position as the divine consort of the Lord of the Universe. An Empress typically sits on the royal elephant. She will wear diamond enmeshed waist belt. She will wear beautiful and fragrant flower garlands on Her body.

The Earth, which is of Your form is borne by the eight elephants guarding the directions; The Earth having Your form is surrounded by the ocean as a waist belt with all gems inside it. You as the Empress of the Lord is wearing the Vana Maalai. In the form of the Earth, You are adorned with many vanams (forests and groves). Thus, BhUmi Devi, You have all the attributes befitting that of an Empress of Lord VarAha Moorthy.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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